Dependent on your concrete situation, your requests and objectives I offer three possible programs for workshops:


Platinum STAR Program

This program is perfect if you want to ensure long-term alignment and commitment with your new team.

  • You will experience high team spirit, agreement on necessary actions and high motivation to implement these actions.
  • I will ensure coaching for your leadership tasks and I will support your team members in implementing the necessary actions.
  • In addition personality profiles for you and all team members and corresponding development plans will be provided.
  • This will lead to successful implementation of all necessary actions and keeping all the time lines.
Gold STAR Program

This program is designed if you need mid-term support for you and your team.

  • You will receive a re-boost of your team’s spirit, the team’s performance and the teams’ co-operation.
  • Important actions to be implemented in order to achieve the desired results will be defined as well.
  • I will provide individual coaching for you and support for your team members in implementing the agreed actions.
  • All agreed deadlines will be kept.
Silver STAR Program

This program is appropriate if you need only short-term support for your team.

  • You will get analysis of the current team performance, ensuring a common understanding of most important objectives.
  • Necessary actions to achieve the results desired will be defined as well.
  • We will define necessary time lines for all actions to be implemented.

Duration of the program is dependent on your specific objectives and needs.
Please contact me to identify the appropriate program for you.